About us

Welcome “SCARAPOLL * CZ” ragdoll cat cattery page.

Let me introduce Scarapoll CZ, a breeding cattery. We live in a small family house and ragdollies are the rightfull members of our family. Our cattery has been registered in FIFE, an international register under the protected name of Scarapoll, CZ since 2016. We are the members of ZO Kolín. The name of the cattery comes from the names of my first cats. It is an abbreviation of the names Scarlett and Apollo. We love cats and make them an affectionate home. We strictly emphasize balanced diet. Our cats are fed only with superpremium feed with a high quotient of meat without cereals. Taste of the Wild, Royals Canin, Leonardo, Applaws, Orien, ND, raw chicken, beef, cod, salmon, tins of ShinyCat,Applaws, Cosma, Carny, Grau, Schmusy. Vitamin supplements Gimpet and Miamor. Vaccination and worming is the matter of course. All our ragdollies are tested. Infectious diseases FIV and FeLV- tests negative. Genetic and inbred heart disease  HCM- negative. Kidneys PKD- negative Viral disease FIP- negative.