Unkas Dom Elzy * PL

* 15.12.2016 RAG b 03 – True bicolor chocolate Tests: FIV a FeLV – negative HCM – negative PKD – negative FIP – negative Blood group A

CH Eliana Dom Elzy, PL RAG b
Magnus Dom Elzy, PL RAG b 03

Unkas was born in Dom Elzy PL. Thanks a lot to Krystýna Kacperska for beautiful, calm boy with so great hair. He likes cuddling very much.

Apollo Monelchár Silvr * CZ


* 22.1.2016 RAG n 04 černa mitted

Monela Leomar/NCHK/ RAG a – blue colorpoint
Ernest Hemingway Velours blue, CZ RAG n 04 – seal mitted

Apollo has very beautiful hair and dark eye color. He is like a teddy bear with kind naturality.