Ragdoll breed was developed in the 60s of the twentieth century in California by Ann Baker, a cat breeder. She used her white Angora with blue eyes called Josephine and a tomcat of her neighbours which appeared like a breed called Birma.

When Josephine was pregnant she got hit by a car and miraculously nothing happened to her. After the accident Josephine started to have the typical characters for Ragdoll. When she was carried in someone´s arms, her muscles loosened up as if she was a rag doll. Here the name of the breed comes from.

Ragdolls are a gentle breed, they are cuddly and intelligent. They like presence of a human being and they hate solitude. They are appreciated especially for their doggish nature. Ragdoll goes away rather than pulls out its little claw and never attacks.

Weight of females     4 – 5 kg
Weight of males     6 – 10kg
Males are noticeably bigger than females.

Badges – ears, mask, legs and a tail should be bright colored and it should gradually pass into a light tone on a chest, a belly and a shirt-front. Colorpoint must not have any white spot. The white strip spreading from a chin, over the whole belly as far as the end of the tail must not be interrupted. The nose and the paw pads must be dark as the colour of the badges.
It has the same signs as the Colorpoint except on the white socks on the front paws and they are longer as far as the heels on the hind legs. The white strip from a chin as far as the root of the tail. The paw pads are pink. There must not be any dark spots on the socks. It is very attractive with the blaze on a nose.
Dark colour of ears, a back, a tail and a mask, on which there must be a well bounded white V. It starts on a forehead, ranges over a nose on a back part of a chin while it must not outreach an external side of an eye.  A white spot is allowed on a back.
Legs and a belly without dark spots. A nose and paw pads must be pink.
BICOLOR- according to genetics are divided
bicolor – HM (Higt Mitted)
bicolor – MHW (Mid Higt White)
bicolor – HW (Wan/Higt White)
Seal – black – brown             RAG n
Blue                                   RAG a
Chocolate                           RAG b
Lilac (frost)                         RAG c
Red (flame)                        RAG d
Cream                                RAG e
All the colours can be in LYNX variety – with drawing

The evolution of Ragdoll breed is very slow. Kittens are born white and  change colour little by little. They reach full colour depth and body maturity at the age of 3 – 4.

The fur is half-length, soft and silk. It is not difficult to take care of it,  combing it once a week is enough. It is necessary to comb more often during the hair exchange period.